Better safe than sorry

Better safe than sorry

There I was, sitting in our walk-in closet, trying to make the weather radio work.

Thankfully, the tornado warning, and the instruction to find shelter immediately was only a safety precaution. (Prayers going up for those families who lost loved ones and homes in the recent storms.)

We didn’t even lose power, which was pretty amazing, since a neighbor said, “We lose power every time a butterfly passes wind.” Which I find pretty funny… and accurate.

I have to tell you, though, I hesitated to take the tornado warning seriously. I even texted Jim and told him about it, asking if I should get in the closet. I thought, “How silly would it be for me to sit in a closet for half an hour for nothing? I have things to do.”

I have no experience with an actual tornado. Hurricanes and earthquakes, yes, but not tornados. I was checking the neighborhood Facebook page and everyone who was posting was talking about taking cover, so I figured perhaps I should, too. So, I did.

I took my weather radio, my phone, my computer and a bottle of water into the closet with me. Thirty minutes passed quickly. I spent the entire time unsuccessfully trying to get the radio working properly. No tornado went through the neighborhood, thankfully. However, reading the news that night, it was a fatal storm for some families.

I’m sure most of us have done something silly and later thought, “I shouldn’t have done that.”
Have you ever not done something because it seemed silly? I would guess many of us have. Perhaps later you thought, “I probably should have done that.” Some examples might be, I should have…
• called a cab
• gone to the doctor
• studied for that open book test
• taken shelter from a storm

Next time you think, I’m not going to do __________, it’s silly. Stop and think
• could something bad happen if I don’t do it
• might something bad happen if I do it
• perhaps it’s better to be safe than sorry

The consequences of not doing something wise could be devastating.
Think before you don’t act, and remember… Better safe than sorry.

*Pam Horton is a certified Stress Management coach in the Raleigh area.*


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