Be kind

Be kind

I was working the election, recently, and observed a woman walk confidently into the room.  She looked around, as if wondering where she should start.  She spotted the “Help Table” and began to approach it.  The worker sitting there told her she needed to start and the “Registration Table.”  The voter said, “Well you’re the help table, help me.”  The worker repeated herself and the voter walked over to the help table and stated her last name to the person working there.  Unfortunately, she had stepped in front of another woman who was in the process of getting her ATV (Authorization To Vote) slip.  The worker at the “Registration Table” calmly informed her that he was working with someone else and would be with her next.  Thankfully, the lady complied with the request to wait her turn and everything flowed smoothly from there.  I thought, “The audacity of some people!”

World Kindness Day was this past Wednesday.  I happen to think this should be unneccessary, but apparently (judging by the actions of our bold voter) people need to be reminded to be kind to one another.  I would hope that people are not kind only one dy a year!

I believe kindness should be a part of our daily life, it should be a part of who we are.  Kindness should flow out of our very essence.  It costs us nothing to be kind and it isn’t difficult.  I suppose if people were not brought up in the atmosphere of kindness, it may not be a natural quality for everyone.  Perhaps kindness is a learned action that needs to be practiced before is becomes second nature for us.

If you notice that you are not doing simple things like

  • Holding the door for people
  • Smiling at people as you pass them
  • Picking something up that someone else dropped

It could be that you, and your family, need to practice being more kind.  The above mentioned things would be a great place to start.  However, I would suggest the the very first step is to recognize that you may not be using kindness throughout your day.  Once you recognize something, you can take the necessary steps to make a positive change.