Baker’s Dozen for a Successful Marriage

Baker’s Dozen for a Successful Marriage

I had previously started a blog titled “Tit4Tat” but it didn’t really sound like a good title. If I were to say that to you, I think you would know what I meant. Wouldn’t you? Basically, you did this so I’m going to do that. Right?

The whole idea can from hearing someone say that their significant other had been spending a lot of time on something specific, so on the significant others next day off, this person was going to go do something fun. Fair is fair. Yeah, I suppose that can work. Fair is supposed to be fair, but is it really?

My thought had been that it might be good for the relationship if, on the significant other’s day off, they spent time together! There’s a novel idea – grin.

I recently received an email about the 25 ways to show respect to your husband. I have read many books about the do’s and don’t of successful relationships. I have been working on my family scrapbook this week and just completed the spread with pictures from my youngest son’s wedding. I followed that with a “couples” page. It has a picture of each of our sons with their wife/fiancé and a picture of us. Three couples. There was still a lot of space on the page that needed to be filled. I looked through my scrapbooking “stuff” to see what I could use, and came across a bunch of different words that I thought described the things needed for a successful marriage.

Here’s the words on the page (in no particular order):
• Laugh Often
• Romance
• Faithfulness
• Enjoy
• Grace
• Self-control
• Love
• Gentleness
• Kindness
• Patience
• Family
• Peace
• Cherish Every Day
I’d include a picture, but my daughter-in-law isn’t big on having her picture splattered all over the internet. Understandable.

I just thought I’d share. It seems to me the above list would be a better philosophy than “Tit4Tat.” What do you think?

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach in the Raleigh area.*


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