Am I being Cautious or Paranoid?

Am I being Cautious or Paranoid?

I love being outside and doing yard work.  I have planted (with help from my dad) most of the landscaping at most of the houses we’ve lived in.  I live to be outside – on a warm sunny day.

Some of you have heard that I stepped in two hornet’s nests in two weeks, and that I saw two snakes last Sunday.  The first one was across the sidewalk, with his head in the bushes. (And Jim DIDN’T kill it!)

He went in to look things up on the internet.  Apparently, in our area, there are two kinds of black snakes – mind you, we didn’t see the head – but the body was black, so he’s guessing it was a black snake.

  • They are good to have around, as they eat mice.
  • They will bite you, but only if provoked.
  • They are not poisonous, and will give you plenty of warning by coiling up before striking.

He then goes on to tell me copperheads are common and tend to be in the woods and brush piles and that

  • They don’t give you warning before striking.
  •  They just jump out at you.
  • They are poisonous!

In our NC yard, we back to some woods and the previous owner had piled up brush along the yard/wood line. Yippee!

The lawn was badly in need of a mow.  You should have seen me.  I knew I was acting a little crazy, but I was scared to come across a bee or a snake.  I thought, “Am I verging on paranoid here?!”  I pushed the mower by the woods while standing as far to the corner of the mower, away from the woods as possible, and still be able to push the mower.  In my mind, every stick was a snake!  I had to think about how to mow tall dense clumps of grass.  I actually thought, “Should I go fast through this section or go really slow to allow any snakes to slither away?”  Every dirt mound, brown spot, or hole, was a potential hornet’s nest.  Yes, I’d say I’m a little paranoid about being outside at the moment, but faced my fears.  I mowed the yard without seeing any bees or snakes and without having to run away from my imagination.

Oh yeah – the second snake was IN the pool!  AAAAAA!  I don’t know if I will ever feel comfortable floating in the pool, with my eyes closed again. Ok, okay it was a baby snake but still – AAAAAAAAA!

I think with a fairly uneventful rest of the summer I will get over this overcautiousness… I hope.

Be careful out there!  Grin


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  1. Dawn says:

    you are FUNNY if nothing else!

    1st off… even if you get bit by a copperhead.. this isn’t a snake in this country that can kill you from their bite/venom. You are strong and healthy.. with medical care.. you would be fine. 🙂

    2nd.. even the ‘bad’ snakes are good to have around.. they keep away the rodents and spiders and such.

    Enjoy your pool.. enjoy life.. but don’t ever change!! You make me smile.. and make me miss you VERY much!! <3

    • PamHorton says:

      So thankful that my life is a comedy – laughter IS the best medicine – grin. When I was telling people about the 1st hornets nest fiasco, I told people, “I didn’t cry – but I did scream… like a gril.” Haha Miss you all too!

  2. Margaret Garcia says:

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  3. Malliot says:

    I loved your post.Thanks Again. Really Great….

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