Is There Always a Shade of Gray?

Is There Always a Shade of Gray?

There’s black, and there’s white. If you mix the two together, you get gray. Depending on how much white you add to the black, or vice versa, you can have varying shades of gray, but gray is still gray, a mixture of black and white. Gray is neither black NOR white.

Obviously, I’m not an art major, or I would have been able to explain that much more eloquently. But, let’s take it out of the art realm and put it into a real life situation. Is there always a shade of gray?

In literature and the movies, the good guys are often depicted in the white hat and the bad guys are depicted in the black hat. (It always made it hard to determine if Clint Eastwood was the good guy or the bad guy!) Okay, so we have white is good and black is bad, or a poor choice. Gray is the compromise, or unexplained area, where there is some wiggle room to bring the two opposites together. Again, is there always a shade of gray?

I’m all for finding a compromise, a middle ground to work things out. A little more of one side’s viewpoint or a little less of one makes for many shades for gray. I believe the gray area can be quite large. I also tend to think that in the gray area things can get missed, whether intentionally or accidentally, it happens.

My personal opinion to the question at hand is “No.” I think that there are times when an issue is black or white (one way or the other) with no wiggle room. It either is or is not, it’s not maybe.

As a silly example, I want a cat, Jim does not. There is no compromise here. One can’t have half of a cat. No gray area here, no matter the shade. Somebody will win and somebody will lose on this particular topic. We have yet to determine the outcome (in my mind).

Now let me hit some hot spots…

Abortion… A fetus is either alive or it is not. Now, there are varying ideas on when a baby is actually alive. Some say at conception (immediately), some say when the heart is beating (5-6weeks), and yet others claim not until its born (approx. 9mos.). Apparently, the WHEN of a fetus being alive is currently a gray area. Once the point of life is determined, that baby is alive and to kill it is murder. No shades of gray there!

Under the influence… No matter what substance you are under the influence of, you are or you are not. Again, there is a gray area as to WHEN different states/countries consider someone to be under the influence, but once that is determined, if you are at that limit, you are or you are not.

Okay, here’s a couple with NO shades of gray…

Possession of an illegal substance, weapon, whatever… it’s either on you or it’s not.

Immigration…You are either a legal immigrant or an illegal immigrant.

I’m sure there are many more examples of NO shades of gray.
What do you think, is there always a shade of gray?

Now, back to that ½ a cat… Grin.

*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*


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