After a bit of an absence, Friday BLOG is back – Grin

After a bit of an absence, Friday BLOG is back – Grin

Everybody knows THAT!

I love playing tennis at the local park, I get some great ideas for my blog by looking and listening to what’s going on around me. Of course, my tennis partners get a little frustrated with my distractedness – haha.

Today these kids were playing some sort of gun game. They were hiding in the bushes and behind playground equipment. It was quite a display of war, or cops & robbers, or whatever they were playing. They were taking it very seriously. At one point this young man had been “shot” as he laid spread eagle on the ground for what seemed like forever. The collective group of players gathered round him and an animated discussion ensued. I have no clue what the topic was but one voice carried over the others saying “Everybody knows THAT!” The next thing I knew the “shot” guy was up and being escorted, hands behind his back, as if in handcuffs. It was all quite interesting and took an entire “game” of tennis to complete – I can’t recall if we won that game or not – giggle. Oh, I do remember that I heard the comment and told my partner that would be the topic of this week’s blog. Then I received the serve, made a failed attempt to return it, and commented, “Oh, Please.” After which I immediately turned to my partner and said, “and that will be the first sentence. It kinda flows don’t ya think?” She thought so – grin.

Everybody knows THAT! Oh, please. Everybody does NOT know that. If EVERYBODY knew that, the infamous “They” wouldn’t have anything to say.

Preconceived notations can do you in. If you think everybody knows how to drive a car and allow your 16 year old to drive you to the store, without having any lessons first, you would quickly find that NOT everybody knows how to drive a car. I know, this is an extreme example, but it makes the point, right?

School is getting ready to start. What a disaster it would be if the teacher assigned homework without first giving instruction because everybody knows how to divide fractions. Yikes, nope not me (at least not anymore, that was many years ago). How many students would get a good grade on that assignment? Ok, seriously… how many students would DO that assignment at all? They might all look at it, some would ask their folks for help, but many would just close the book in total confusion.

There was another discussion that happened at tennis today. The discussion about how people put on their shoes & socks. One player said she thought EVERYBODY put their socks on both feet before putting their shoes on, and that everybody always started with their right foot. She promptly proved herself wrong as she was standing to change from flip-flops to tennis shoes and put a sock and a shoe on, put her foot down and put the other sock and shoe on. I have no clue which foot she started with – teehee. Okay, hold on to your hat for this news flash… “Everybody” doesn’t do everything the same.

Communication is key in any relationship – parent/child, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, boss/employee, teacher/student, and friends playing games. Do not make the mistake of thinking everybody knows something or everybody does it the same way that you do. That just is not the case.

Believe it or not, we do not know THAT (meaning everything). I won’t tell if you don’t. The students I worked with used to think I knew it ALL – haha.

Have a great school year, everybody!

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