A worthy role model

A worthy role model

I wrote about role models once before and how our young people often look up to someone who is unworthy (in my opinion).

Did you watch the All-Star baseball game on Tuesday night? 

Even if you are not a fan, it had some memorable moments.  MLB chose to honor People Magazine’s Tribute for Heroes and it was a touching moment.  I was sitting on the couch clapping as the entire stadium was on their feet clapping.

Much of the news of the game centered around Yankee relief pitcher Mariano Rivera, as he is retiring this year.  As he entered the field for his turn to pitch, he received a very long standing ovation.  His fellow players even stepped off the field to allow him to receive the honor of the crowd, unhindered by other people.

Why is that?  Okay, yes, he was in New York, although at the Mets home field, not the Yankees.  The entire crowd was clapping for him, regardless of the team they were followers of.

You see, Mariano is not only a great pitcher (on a great team I might add – grin) and a great team player.  Mariano is a great leader and an all around good guy.

Have you seen anything negative about him in the news?  I’m sure reporters have tried to find some dirt on him, and I suppose if they really wanted to dig hard enough they might find something.  After all, no one is perfect.  However, there have been NO scandals around him.  No affairs, no steroids, no gambling, tax evasion, out of control hotel parties, not even rudeness.  WOW!

I’m not saying that baseball hasn’t had it’s share of poor role models, it has, as any industry has (yes even our military, sigh) but, I was proud to be a baseball fan on Tuesday night.  They did it right.  They concentrated on the positive role models.  If the media would consistently concentrate on the positive role models, you might see a turnaround in our youth.  Just sayin’.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Go out and “Play Ball!”


*Pam Horton is a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, in the Raleigh area.*

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