A little fun this week – grin

A little fun this week – grin

Dreams are so weird

This is a dream I had last week…

I’m getting ready to go on a cruise to meet up with my folks at some tropical location.  It’s boarding time and I realize I have left my purse in the car.  Somehow I am through security without ID – it’s a dream – grin.  I start talking with a woman who works there.  I can see my car from the boarding area and want to run out and get it.  Is there time?  Don’t let them leave without me!  Where are my car keys?  Trying to decide if I should run out to the car or not.  The woman takes my jacket and suitcase on board for me and tells me to hurry.  I start to rush out to my car but the more I think about it, the more I realize I don’t have my car keys.  Where could they be?   The ship starts making noises like it’s getting ready to depart.  I decide I might miss the boat and my trip to my car might be for naught, if the keys are locked inside, so I turn back around and board the boat.

I’m on the lower level of the boat (even with the ground) and say to Dave Ramsey (yes, Dave Ramsey – haha), “Would you mind covering all of my expenses until we get back and I can get to my purse?  I’ll pay you back.”  As he ponders the question I say, “Oh never mind my folks will cover me til I get home.”  As I turn around to walk away, someone on the ground is calling my name.  A large Hemi Limo has pulled up and my friend Kim is sticking her head out the window.  She is dressed up all fancy, like 1920’s style and says she’s off to California to write a book.  I peak inside and her children are all dressed in fancy 1920’s clothing.  I don’t recall the conversation, but she was going out west to “make it big.”

We say our goodbyes and I start to go up this very high, steep stairway.  Nothing grandiose, just a lot of stairs.  As I near the top, thinking there is a platform and another long flight I stairs, (being my silly self) I say “Hello up there.”  I get a loud response of “Hello!”  How embarrassing.  As my head clears the top (the floor of the next level)  I am greeted by a cat stretching his arms out to be petted and a dog licking my face.  There are two gentlemen sitting on the floor with their pets.  We converse for a bit and the scene changes to my cabin.

I am the only female in a room with five elderly men.  Most of the men are snoring very loudly.  One is awake, in a wheelchair.  We start chatting.  Then one of the guys wakes up to announce he has to go to the bathroom and needs some help.  A nurse (where did she come from?) says, “So, get up and go.”  The man walks over to the wheelchair, which has turned into a double wheelchair, sits down and the two men wheel off to the bathroom together.  Then I get a text message and wake up.

I love to share my strange dreams.  Simply because I think, “What the heck was THAT about?”  Haha.  I don’t doubt that some dreams carry messages, but with one like this – Uhm, I don’t think so.  Some people put a lot of thought and worry into their dreams, I had one as a teenager that scared me half to death and I didn’t truly let it go until the main character had passed away (without coming back to curse me – yup it was a scary one)!  If it’s a goofy one like this, I sure don’t give it a second thought, but if anyone out there wants to take a crack at analyzing it – have at it – grin.

Hmmm, so oddly enough, since having this dream last week, my friend Kim IS in California right now!  I had no idea she was headed that way.  I’ll say it again… dreams are so weird.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Sweet dreams!



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