A little dusting

A little dusting

While noticing that the headboard in the guest room was dusty, and contemplating dusting, I thought this could be an interesting topic to blog on, there must be some way I can connect it to life.

I put the topic out there, on the NewDirection Life Coaching Facebook page and got a little feedback (Love my 1-34th peeps – HOOAH!) While dusting, I thought about my blog and how I would ever be able to write something without just plain old complaining about it.


{*Side-note: As I was goin’ ON about how much I dislike dusting, I thought “I better express that I am thankful that I have a house to dust.”  I know there are many people out there who would love to have to dust their house.  I am not ungrateful, I’m blogging, and hoping that what comes out of my mind, onto the paper, and onto the blog can be encouraging and make someone smile.}


When I was a child I was given chores, to learn how to do them.  I got to set the table, iron handkerchiefs (uhm, I don’t iron anymore – grin), and dust.  I remember my mom telling me that one time, while dusting, I cried.  Why was I crying?  Because, “It keeps coming back.”  I can still relate to that little girl.


The positive side of dusting?  Well, some people actually enjoy it.  They use it as a time to be calm, reflect on life, and enjoy the ease of the chore.  You could make it fun by putting on some music and dancing around, just don’t sing into the duster like a microphone (cough-cough).  Of course there’s always the good dust that is covering some treasured item that you haven’t seen in years.  Can’t you just envision finding something in a thick covering of dust giving it a good hard blow (like in the movies) and your favorite (something) from childhood magically appears?   Cool, Huh?


No, I suppose the chore itself it not hard, or difficult.  I think the part I struggle with is still the little girl who sees that it keeps coming back.  Is there a way to stop dust from coming back?  Hmmm, if you use furniture polish or something wet I think that particular dust sticks to the cloth and it probable gets washed away or thrown out.  So that dust doesn’t come back, but new dust forms and we have to dust again.

Okay, my purpose was to relate the mundane chore of dusting to life.  Let’s think about that for a minute…

The first thing that came to my mind was cancer.  Probably because I heard a prayer request for a woman who thought she had it licked 20 years ago, but it’s back.

This led me to think of addictions – another thing that we can eliminate from our lives, but we have to be vigilant or it could come back. 

Then I started thinking about the many things that people might need to get rid of in their lives, and continue to brush them away or they could come back (like dust).  How many of us have bad habits?  Smoking, drinking, drugs, friends with benefits, and the list could go on.  Maybe we’ve kicked the habit but some unforeseen stressor has come into our lives and well, it’s just this once, and then once more, and back we go.

How about people?  People can be a bad habit, or addiction that needs to be dusted away.  Like that bad penny, they keep showing up in our lives.  There are people who can be bad for us and we must keep dusting them away.

Even THOUGHTS!  Did you know the things you think about you probably do?  If you are having unkind, inappropriate, or hurtful thoughts, they need to go.  Thoughts can just pop into our minds and if we dwell on them they could cause trouble.  (Of course good thoughts pop into our minds too – keep those!!)

 I think I could go on, but I’m sure you get the point by now.  If you look at dusting as a life application, you could try to lead a dustless life by dusting constantly, but you never get it all.  I used to dust once a week.  Now that we’re empty nesters I have slacked off and dust when I notice it needs to be done.  If I wait in “life” until I notice some things need to be cleaned up, it could be a tough job.  Perhaps a weekly time to ponder how the week has gone, take stock of ourselves, how are we doing, is there anything that needs to be dusted?  This could be helpful.

 As for my chore of dusting… I took a friend’s advice.  I turned up the music and sang along as I dusted.  Thankfully, I was home alone – teehee.

Wow, I did a little poking around the internet about “dust” and found out way more information than I needed, or wanted, to know.  It’s pretty scary.  I think I need to dust more often!  It’s back to once a week for me.

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