A Good Rant Avoided

A Good Rant Avoided

So thankful that the government passed, at least, the stopgap so that hundreds of thousands of people will keep their jobs, and those who would have worked with no pay (our military) will continue to collect a paycheck.

A little bummed that I don’t get to get on my soap box this morning though – haha
I would like to thank all the citizens (who probably normally do not get involved in politics) that voiced their opionions, sent those emails, and made those phone calls.  Perhaps “the people” were heard!

If I understand things correctly, there was a stopgap vote that will keep things running through Thursday.  They have agreed on a budget and need time to get the paperwork written up and the votes taken.  We can only pray that nobody flips between now and then and things collapse.

Maybe now isn’t the time to let up?  Maybe we need to keep on them with the message of “pass the budget” just to ensure no one changes their mind.  Not a bad idea.
I have heard that our politicians are considering themselves “heroes” for saving the country at the last minute.  Boy, I sure hope they aren’t thinking this highly of themselves.  They probably are, but I would think reality is a littl more like – they got it together at the last minute to save their political careers.  Shame, isn’t it?

This has been a wake up call – many people are now aware of the inequalities between “the people” and “the government”.  If you hadn’t heard… if the military had to work without pay, our politicians would still have gotten THEIR paychecks.  Can you wrap your thoughts around THAT?  That is a disgusting display of how our politicians make the rules, but then exempt themselves from them.  Where will it stop?

Once the budget catastrophe is completely behind us, maybe we need to launch a campaign of “Live by the rules you make!”  Hmmm, I like it.

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