Who pays when there isn’t income for it?

Who pays when there isn’t income for it?

The long sad tale of American children, parents, and grandparents.  Of course, everyone wants the best for their children.  The parents want to give their children the best, the parents become grandparents and want their grandchildren to have the best.  What happens if the parents don’t have the funds to provide the best for their children?  Do the children go without?  Do the parents go in hock?  Do the grandparents chip in?  I suppose it may depend on the item that is up for discussion.

Let’s keep it to the necessities (because we could talk about toys, cars, accessories all day long).  What are the basic needs of children?  Love, which can’t be bought, food, clothing, and shelter. 

Obviously, you don’t want your young one to go without food.  However, it doesn’t have to be steak and lobster, or even Kelloggs and Hood.  Generic foods work just fine.  Hopefully, the family can budget their money enough to have food for the family.

Clothing is the same idea. Yes, little Johnny needs clothes, but he doesn’t need Osh Kosh, and Little Susie doesn’t need Baby Gap.  The basic clothing can all be found at Walmart, and even less at Once Upon a Child or Goodwill.  You can even find brand name gently used clothing.

How about shelter?  Absolutely children need shelter.  Do mommy and daddy need to go into debt that they will never get out of to buy some big expensive home?  NO!  You can buy a less expensive home.  If you’re handy you can buy a fixer upper pretty cheap.  If you’re not handy, be ware or those cheap fixer uppers, they can get expensive.  You can rent something.  Unfortunately, there are many people who are truly homeless.  One would hope that they are able to get into a shelter with their children, as opposed to living on the streets.

Let’s talk about the touchy topic of pre-school.  I won’t even go into private education.  If the parents can’t pay for private school, public school works – and it’s free, relatively speaking.  Preschool, though?  Is it a necessity?  I think the education people will say it is, that it prepares the child for kindergarten, that children who have been in pre-school seem to have a leg up on the ones who are coming straight from the home into Kindergarten.  I’m not going to get into a home school discussion here either – the blog today is how who’s paying for stuff – grin.  There are others who say that children who go straight from home to Kindergarten tend to catch up pretty quickly and level the field by the end of the year. 

Does that mean that whether a child attends preschool or not is up to that child’s personality?  Are they just wanting to learn so much, soaking things up like a sponge that they would benefit from a true learning environment?  Are they behind other children their age and could benefit from a learning environment.  I’m not talking babysitting, I need some place to dump my kids, daycare – I’m talking about preschool – interacting with others in an environment that will enhance their learning skills and knowledge. 

Okay, it’s been decided that preschool would be a wonderful thing for the child(ren).  The parents are struggling young people just making ends meet.  Is this the time the idea is abandoned?  Is there government money to help with this?  Is it possible that the grandparents may be able to help?  Preschool is not one of the basic necessities of life.  So, we’re back to the original title question.  Who pays when there isn’t income for it?  I’m interested in your thoughts.  Hit me up with a comment – look forward to hearing from you.

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