Month: February 2020

The power of time

Time dictates everything we do.  Even before there were clocks, the events of the day were dictated by the season (an aspect of time) and the amount of available light (also an aspect of time).  The concept of 24 hours in a day and 60 minutes in an hour came about in Ancient Egypt and…
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Making it Personal

I received Valentine’s Day card in the mail, from my mother, today. She is so good about sending cards and notes on holidays. I recall that my neighbor in Virginia sends her grandchildren a card every week and has since they were born.  I wondered how many people still send personal notes, just because. In…
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The view matters

We all know that the storms of life come and go.  They may blow through quickly, like a tornado, or stay for a while, like a hurricane.  You may be lucky enough to have just a light shower now and then.  You may be currently in a lull, that probably means you just came out…
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