Month: November 2019

Thanksgiving Afterthoughts

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.  How are you spending your day? You might be Working Shopping Watching sports Eating leftovers Cleaning up after having a full house Decorating for Christmas Wrapping presents Sending cards Still counting your blessings and being thankful Or any number of other things As you go through your day, have you…
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The Choices We Make: 7 questions to ask ourselves

We are confronted with thousands of decisions daily. Many of them are rather mundane and basic like what time to get up in the morning, what to have for breakfast, which direction to drive to work, etc. Some are placed upon us by the expectations of others, whether family or work situations. However, many are…
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Be kind

I was working the election, recently, and observed a woman walk confidently into the room.  She looked around, as if wondering where she should start.  She spotted the “Help Table” and began to approach it.  The worker sitting there told her she needed to start and the “Registration Table.”  The voter said, “Well you’re the…
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