Month: January 2019

Hitting the mailbox

The other day I was driving to go play pickleball. At the red light, in front of me was a car with a fairly young man (maybe 20-ish), who had his cell phone mounted on his dashboard. His windows were not tinted, so I could see clearly into his vehicle. There was a lot of…
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New Year? No Worries!

I hear so many people talk about being “worried” these days. I could put all sorts of witty quotes about worry here, but you’ll have to go to the Facebook or Pinterest pages for those. Simply put and all quotes aside, worry doesn’t help. Who or what have you ever helped by worrying about it?…
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Staying humble in the limelight

While watching some of the college football bowl games last weekend, with Jim, I noticed two very distinct reactions to success. • Excited jump, chest bump, pointing to the sky while looking up • Showboating, posing for the camera, lifting the shirt showing off muscles Given the choice of the two behaviors, I would prefer…
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