Month: December 2018

Vacations are bitter sweet

Everyone loves vacation. Right? When vacation is over, you get different emotions. I suppose depending on where you have been, who you have been with, and how the time has been. If you’ve had a miserable vacation, you likely can’t wait to get home. If you’ve had a wonderful vacation, you won’t want it to…
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Moving past guilt

Merriam Webster gives three definitions of “guilt.” For today’s purposes, we will use definition #3… a feeling of deserving blame for offenses. When someone we know passes from this world, whether it be suddenly tragic or after a long illness, there are often questions like, “What could I have done differently to make their life…
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Visiting Pearl Harbor

Jim and I were blessed to visit the Big Island of Hawaii in 2009. My dream vacation. On this Friday December 7th, I am reflecting on our visit to Pearl Harbor, most specifically the Arizona. Below is my journal entry from that visit. Tuesday 4/14/09 Wake up call scheduled for 4:30am this morning! We had…
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