Month: November 2018

What would YOU have done?

I did my weekly shopping at WalMart today. I used the self check out. While putting my bags in the car, I heard something slap down on the wires of the cart. Something was not in a bag. I had not noticed, not scanned, not paid for, and not bagged one item. To be totally…
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Facebook Fakers

You know the ones. They are the people who have a “perfect” life. They always look meticulous. Their kids are athletic, brilliant models. The house is decorated for even the most obscure holiday. Their marriage is great, their job is great, and they are philanthropists. NOT. I happen to know a few people who are…
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Teamwork can be tough

Isn’t it funny how just observing your surroundings can bring a life lesson to mind? I was at a park where I noticed a red convertible car balanced on a giant spring, a playground toy. In the car were two little girls, I’d say 4ish. One was rocking back and forth and the other was…
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