Month: October 2018

Falling Stars

I was driving home from working Early Voting the other night when my passenger and I simultaneously said, “Did you see that? I think it was a falling star!” Then we laughed. Turns out it was the first time either one of us had ever seen one. When I told some co-workers about it the…
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Awaiting the Unknown

I write to encourage others to move positively forward. When I face my own challenges, I feel compelled to walk my talk. We have a health situation with a family member and indications have been that it may not be an easy go from here on out. BUT, we don’t know, yet, what they are…
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Hard to get up in the dark

Have you noticed it’s dark when you get up these days? I typically get up at 6AM. It’s dark now. During the summer it was easy. The bright sun shining through the curtains seemed to say, “Good Morning, Pam! It’s a wonderful new day! Let’s get this party started!” Last week, as I rolled over…
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