Month: May 2018

Easily Offended

Why is it that it seems people are more easily offended than they used to be? Could it be that social media has allowed people to express themselves more than necessary? It used to be if you wanted to recognize a special day, you sent someone a card. Now we take the easy way out…
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Race Relations

I recently saw a documentary about race relations. It was predominantly about the relationship between police officers and African-American men. Both groups acknowledged the problem and offered reasons that they exist, but few solutions were offered on how to change things for the better. I suppose there are decades of past problems that continue to…
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The Oxford Dictionary states this definition, among others: The state or fact of having a duty to deal with something or of having control over someone. I recently shared a video of Richard Pimentel telling the story of his Sergeant’s definition, and I love it! Sergeant Parker asked, “Do we have the ability?” Pimentel answered,…
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