Month: April 2018

I love to read

While volunteering at the USO yesterday, I was tasked with restocking the bookcases that had been emptied to be moved. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the title of each book as I set them up on the shelves. I have read some of them, and found a couple that sounded so interesting I brought them home…
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Walk Confidently

Do you ever “people watch?” I do. If I’m stuck waiting somewhere, it’s a great pastime. A couple weeks ago, I arrived early to a meeting and was sitting in my car reading. It must have been a shift change or something because there were lots of people exiting the building. Not in mass, but…
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Choosing Fear

This week we have had our two granddaughters visiting. One is ten and the other is eight. While they enjoy spending time together, they have very different interests. One wants to do something while the other does not. This has been leading to many opportunities for taking turns with decision making. Of course, this usually…
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