Month: January 2016

You’re only as young as you….

You’re only as young as you…. How would you finish that sentence? • feel • think • act • look • other Of course, there can be medical issues that cause people to age, and old age does eventually come to us all. But, given a typical healthy person, what do you consider old? I…
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I thought we were typical

I recently had an interesting conversation, about marriage, with someone. They were asking me about finances, control issues, and disagreements. I’m not sure how the conversation got started but it ran the gamut of many things. They commented that they didn’t really like the idea of the man being the head of the house that…
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Choosing the positive

Jim & I were visiting my parents, in Florida, last week. It was mostly sunny upper 70’s / low 80’s. I was loving it! The day we left we returned to Fuquay with mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 50’s. I have a weather app on my computer that lets me instantly see the…
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