Month: September 2015

Refill your bucket

Have you heard the term “refill your bucket”? If not, it goes something like this… You are the bucket. Let’s say you start full. As you expend energy, time, emotion, love, etc. You are taking out of your bucket. Eventually, your bucket is empty, unless you refill it. For example, Jim and I are at…
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Why am I still eating?

A few months ago, someone was telling me about how the food industry does research to discover the flavors our bodies (or minds) can’t seem to get enough of. Food manufacturer’s seem to create their foods to have scents and tastes that trigger our brains to just keep eating because it smells/tastes soooo good. I…
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Dealing with the loss of a loved one.

So much violence, sickness, desperation, and sadness in the world, so many people we know with loved ones passing away. My family has been blessed we have not, as yet, had a parent leave this earth, and I hope we never have a child go before us. We have had friends pass away “before their…
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