Month: July 2013

A worthy role model

I wrote about role models once before and how our young people often look up to someone who is unworthy (in my opinion). Did you watch the All-Star baseball game on Tuesday night?  Even if you are not a fan, it had some memorable moments.  MLB chose to honor People Magazine’s Tribute for Heroes and…
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Meeting new people

It’s funny.  I was having a conversation with someone about our joy in meeting new people while volunteering for events at the USO-NC/RDU, when someone said, “I know so many empty nesters who complain how hard it is to meet new people once they don’t have to attend their children’s events.”  That was an eye-opener…
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Fireworks Tips for Veterans with PTSD

I am seeing a lot of posts about “being aware of veterans around you during the 4th of July.”  I agree that if you are aware of a veteran with PTSD in your vicinity, you should NOT aggravate them by shooting off illegal fireworks.  Well, you shouldn’t be using illegal fireworks anyway! However, the reality…
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