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September 2011 - NewDirection Life Coaching

Month: September 2011

Close Calls

 Close calls Ok, this was not a life or death close call but … I was at my older son’s house, with parking on the street.  I happened to walk by the front door and glance out the window.  To my surprise there were four cars, a school bus and a policeman all next to…
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Envision the rainbow from the mud pit

Trying something different today.  Posting a VIDEO BLOG – woohoo – grin.  It should be on YouTube at this link… http://www.youtube.com/user/LUVLifecoaching?blend=14&ob=5 (hopefully it works). I will also be posting an outake reel. Haven’t posted it yet, but you can check it out later today on my YourTube account.  LUVLifeCoaching.  It oughta be good for a…
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Friday BLOG on Saturday (oops – grin)

So many things Last week, I said I would BLOG about jobs this week.  Well, this weekend we remember 9/11 (like we don’t remember it every day, but more so and as a nation this weekend) so it seemed more fitting, but I have dear friends who have lost loved ones in the past week. …
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The world is a scary place

Here’s today’s headlines on AOL… – How Mogul’s Girlfriend Died in Mansion – Celebrities’ Lives at the Airport – The Right Way to Flavor Meat – Team’s First-Ever Play Stuns Crowd – Which Fruit Is Packed With Fiber? – The Worst US City to Get Stopped In – An NFL Superstar Sleeps Here – Relax…
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