Month: August 2011

Talkin’ bout love, love, love

Love, Love, Love – Love is all ya need.  (Obviously, a Beatles Line – grin) So, I just feel the need to say this, as it was another tennis court conversation the other day.  We discuss all sorts of things on the tennis court, good thing we just play for the fun of it –…
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After a bit of an absence, Friday BLOG is back – Grin

Everybody knows THAT! I love playing tennis at the local park, I get some great ideas for my blog by looking and listening to what’s going on around me. Of course, my tennis partners get a little frustrated with my distractedness – haha. Today these kids were playing some sort of gun game. They were…
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My submission to the Joining Forces Community Challenge.

Community Challenge: Individuals can make a difference I am an Army “brat,” an Army aunt, and an Army mom – HOOAH!   While I am a military family member, I also experience great joy in being able to support and encourage others. I am very proud of my local community, church, and DAR chapter.  They have…
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