20 Tips for Less Stress

20 Tips for Less Stress


Hello All,
I just discovered a bunch of folks signed up for our eNewsletter but, due to a change in the email management system, they did not receive Pam’s Top 20 Tips for Less Stress & More Time.

So, I’m going to post it here and put the link into the eNewsletter I’m sending out today.
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Pam’s Top 20 Tips for Less Stress & More Time
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• You are human, you are not perfect, you cannot be all things to all people – Learn to say NO.
• We were designed for stress, short periods of it, our bodies are not made to withstand constant stress.
• We can’t eliminate stress, but we can manage it.
• You must get enough REM sleep to allow your body to recover for one days stress & be ready for the next day. Eight hours of sleep is optimal.
• Physical exercise is a great way to relieve stress.

Organizational Skills
• Find a system that works for you, drawers, shelves, closets, whatever you will find easiest to use.
• Determine a place for something and put it back in the same place every time.
• Decide on your outfit the night before.
• Write things down, in a schedule book or on a calendar.
• Use a watch with an alarm, to keep from losing track of time.

• Many children spell love T-I-M-E, make it quality and quantity.
• Be consistent.
• Discipline with consequences, not punishment.
• Tone of voice makes a difference.
• Listen and communicate.

Teens/Young Adults
• You are not stuck, you can decide to make a change.
• You become a product of your environment so hang around with positive people.
• It may not be your fault, but if it is step up and claim it.
• Find a responsible, trustworthy person to talk to if/when you need to vent.
• You can have a wonderful future.


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