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I BELIEVE IF YOU keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, you'll see god open up new doors

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Pam Horton

Life Coach

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Jim Horton

Life Coach

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I have been training, developing, and coaching team members and leaders for more than 30 years


Here are what some of our clients are sa

Beth wrote: “Our fun and wonderful one-and-only Pam Horton has penned a book that’s worthy of being read! It would be a big help if everyone would click through to Amazon and “Like” her new book on the Amazon page…maybe even go ahead and order a few copies while you’re over there…WAY TO GO, PAM!”

Pam, You are always so thoughtful and kind and encouraging. I’m glad I looked back over my emails this morning, this one is really special!!!!!!!! Thanks for the kind and encouraging words… You will make a great “Life Coach”!!!!!!
God bless, Pastor Mike

Ok I just have got to say YOU are the coolest, most insightful, downright funny lady that I have never met! But oh the joy in the day that it happens! Bought your book too gal, I sooo am having trouble waiting patiently for it! ~Alyssa B.

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