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I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, you'll see God open up new doors

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Pam Horton

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“Working with women to help them stress less, choose joy, and discover peacefulness.”

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Jim Horton

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“I have been training, developing, and coaching team members and leaders for more than 30 years”

What we do, who we help, these are the problems we solve and this is the result

Have you ever found yourself thinking this is not how you thought your life would turn out?

We all want a life of peace, joy, and happiness. We want great relationships, a job we love making lots of money, a happy family, and good health. Sometimes, life gets in the way of the things we want. The pressures of daily life, of the expectations we have of ourselves, or others have of us create stress and worry. It’s time to claim the life Jesus promised in John 10:10 “…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” Whether it’s personal finance, time management, or gaining clarity about how to live a more abundant life, NewDirection Life Coaching’s Pam and Jim Horton are your guides to better choices, less stress, more joy, peacefulness, and the abundant life. Contact us for a free coaching consult and start living the life you were meant to.


Here are what some of our clients are say

Beth wrote: “Our fun and wonderful one-and-only Pam Horton has penned a book that’s worthy of being read! It would be a big help if everyone would click through to Amazon and “Like” her new book on the Amazon page…maybe even go ahead and order a few copies while you’re over there…WAY TO GO, PAM!”

Pam, You are always so thoughtful and kind and encouraging. I’m glad I looked back over my emails this morning, this one is really special!!!!!!!! Thanks for the kind and encouraging words… You will make a great “Life Coach”!!!!!! God bless, Pastor Mike

Ok I just have got to say YOU are the coolest, most insightful, downright funny lady that I have never met! But oh the joy in the day that it happens! Bought your book too gal, I sooo am having trouble waiting patiently for it! ~Alyssa B.

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